Bathroom Renovations
Be it a small powder room, a guest bathroom or a glamorous Master On-Suite, remodeling, a bathroom does not have to be a daunting task.
From cosmetic upgrades to taking things down to the studs, prices can vary dramatically in a bathroom depending upon chosen finishes: tilework, mosaic designs, flooring material, cabinetry, etc. 
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There is no typical cost associated with remodeling a bathroom. Each individual project requires its own custom elements  that range from a total gut & remodel or simply installing a new vanity.
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Material Selection & Coordination
A typical bathroom remodel will require any or all of the following materials:

Vanity . Tub . Shower Wall Tiles or Panels . Shower Floor Tiles or Panels. Toilet .
Sinks . Faucets . Shower Fixtures . Tub Fixtures . Bathroom Floor Tiles or LVT . Light Fixtures

As a time and material contractor, we do not sell these materials.
We offer design services to help you source and coordinate your materials to
achieve your desired look.

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Bathroom remodeling

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