Specialty & Custom Work

by Synchronous Construction

Every person is unique. And so is every project. Not every item can be purchased and there are times when items must be created.

At Synchronous Construction, we value our clients as individuals and understand that each one of them have their own needs, preferences and taste.

Our skilled Master Technicians can fabricate various parts of a projects. Check out our custom work below!


       Custom Room Designs    

Fireplaces      Wall Inserts   TV Stands    Bookshelfs

Custom Carpentry

Cubbies & Benches

Decor & Cabinet Faces

Barn Doors

Closet Configurations

Groutless Walls

Porcelain Panels

for shower, bathroom

& kitchen walls

Custom Countertops

Concrete Countertops

Stone Solutions

Epoxy Finish

ADA Compliancy





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