Home Office Remodeling

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COVID-19 has drastically made us re-think the way we live our life.

Working from home has become the new normal for many Americans.

That's why we are offering custom office renovations. Design your perfect space so you can comfortable get back to work!

Check out some ideas below to kick start designing your perfect residential workspace

  • Soundproofing

    When you have an active household, it may be hard to find some peace and quiet to focus on your 8+ hour work day.

    Synchronous Construction can build walls with soundproof insulation to minimize the noise.

  • (Re) Creating Spaces

    No room in your house? Sometimes extra room can be found in the garage or built on to your existing home


    Adding insulation to attics or garages can provide comfort in places that were once too cold  also for staying in the winter. Electricity and plumbing can also be added to meet all your working needs.

  • Doors & Windows

    Sometimes just a closed door can make a statement. But don't forget the natural light! Windows have a healthy effect on us staying in the house all day.

  • New Flooring + New Features 

                                             =New Space

    Revamp any area to feel more comfortable and more like a corporate setting. Building bookcases or custom shelves will maximize storage. 

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