Garages & Home Additions

Garages and additions are handled as new construction. There are many phases of new construction that involve defining specific needs and expectations of how the new space will be utilized. 

Planning & Permits

The key element to any successful home addition project begins with a plan. Structural, mechanical, door and window schedules must be developed prior to submission for permits. It is only with a developed set of drawings that a proper estimate can be completed and true costs established. The costs associated with this phase is dependent on the size and scope of the project. These fees are not included in the construction costs.
Phase 1 Approximate Cost

Work Site


The second phase begins with preparing the work site for the structural addition. Depending upon the plans and specifications, this may include the digging of a foundational pad, basement footer,or crawl space footer. In step 2 of a ground addition site prep, concrete block is typically placed upon the footer structure to build a foundation for the white box.
Phase 2 Approximate Cost

White Box &

Interior Finishes

The "white box" includes exterior and interior structural and mechanical components:
Rough in of electrical & plumbing interior primed drywall, windows, doors, flooring, siding, roofing, 
Once the shell is complete, the interior finishes are to be determined by the client and space functionality (kitchen, bathroom, etc). This cost is driven by the finishes materials, fixtures, cabinetry, and trim packages chosen by the client.
Phase 3 Approximate Cost*
White Box Only : $75-$80/ft²
*Final finishing cost vary significantly by project & client

New driveway and gargage. 

North Royalton


This addition was added to the back of an existing house to increase square footage n the first level.  Finishes include a fireplace, trim packages and hardwood floors.



This addition was added to the back and side of an existing house. Finishes include a living room, kitchen and stairwell entrance to a basement.

Patio Enclosure

Render _1

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