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Do you see signs of water damage in your basement?

If so, you might need to waterproof your foundation.

See answers to common questions about waterproofing

What does water damage look like?

Refer to the pictures below. Markings such as these on basement walls are clear signs of water penetrating your walls from the outside.

water damage 1.jpg
water damage basement 1.jpg
water damage 2.jpg

What is waterproofing?

At Synchronous Construction, we provide Exterior Foundation Waterproofing. The process requires digging around your house down to the foundation footer. A membrane is applied to your home to prevent further water intrusion. At this time, drain lines are check, replaced and rerouted away from your foundation.


In many Ohio counties, drain lines are now required to be connected to the storm lines. If they are not already connected, we will do so during the waterproofing process.

What is the importance of waterproofing?

Aside from being an eyesore, water can do a lot of damage to a home.

Issues include but are not limited to:

  • warped and rotted walls

  • shifting foundation

  • mold growth

  • damage to paper and cardboard materials,

  • oxidation of nearby metals

Waterproofing prevents internal flooding and keeps your basement dry allowing you to utilize your basement to its fullest potential.

If you decide to waterproof your foundation, here is what you should expect:

  • Excavation of land around the foundation: This involves the removal of bushes, trees, steps, walkways and driveways. Synchronous Construction offers services to pour new cement and asphalt.  We do not, however, provide landscaping services. We will be happy to help schedule a company that does.

  • City Permits & Inspections: Each city has different rules. Synchronous Construction pulls all necessary permits and coordinates all necessary inspections

  • Weather delays: Parts of the waterproofing and repouring of concrete or asphalt cannot be done during certain weather conditions. Expect delays if there is precipitation

  • End result: A protected foundation & dry basement

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