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Benefits of a virtual estimate:

  • No contact to support Slowing the Spread of Covid-19

  • Utilizes e-mail and phone call/video chat to best estimate the costs of your project

  • Allows optimal planning time to budget and shop for materials

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Roofing & Siding
Replacements & Repairs
Renovations, New, & Uprades
Design, Build/Remodel
Additional Structures
Garages, Additions, Sheds, Lofts
Decks & Porches
Concrete, Wood, Composite, Stone
Custom Work
Porcelain Panel, Custom Carpentry, Countertops and more
Room Renovations
Room upgrades, painting, trimwork, baseboards, crown molding, custom carpentry, shelves, bars
ADA Construction
Compliancy with ADA Regulations for new construction, upgrades and renovations
Custom Remodel
Driveways, Walkways & Patios
Concrete, Asphalt, Stone, Stamped Concrete
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Porcelain Panels

Synchronous Construction's porcelain panels are custom made panels that can be used for any countertop or shower. They're a sleek modern look that's easy to clean due to minimal grout lines.

Design Services

Synchronous Construction designs layouts for projects and assists with material selection for your renovation. We work with vendors to source and coordinate all materials needed to complete a project that captures the vision of the client.

Contactor Reports

Synchronous Construction writes up formal estimates using inspection and insurance reports for clients to use when buying a new house or claiming damages.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a custom construction company and personally help our clients plan their project .

We coordinate with financial lenders, material vendors, CAD designers, engineers, counties and cities to plan and execute your project on time and on budget.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured.


Top rated contractor on Home Advisor since 2016.

Planning Your Project

Project Idea

Decide what project you are looking to complete and create your budget. We can help you determine your budget by providing you with a free cost estimate


 There are financing and loan options designed for construction customers. 


Synchronous Construction accepts different types of payment methods and procedures. Clients may choose to pay out of pocket (cash, check, or credit card), borrow from a lender , or insurance depending on the project.

Get an Estimate

Contact us using the form below or calling us at 440-879-8189. Let us know about your project!

 We will schedule you for a free estimate appointment. For smaller service projects (projects less than 2 days) we can begin work based on our hourly rate.


Synchronous Construction does not sell any material but can help source it from a vendor as part of our design services. Rough materials purchased by Synchronous Construction will be invoiced to the client throughout the project.

 Estimate Review 

Once you receive your quote, we encourage our clients to review it in it enitirety to ensure we fully captured the scope of work intended.  Compare it to your budget and then let us know! If there are changes or questions, we will be happy to address them!

Job Execution

Synchronous Construction will work every work day within reason (exclusive of holidays & weekends). 

 We do our best to get your project completed in a reasonable time barring change orders and payment delays.


Synchronous Construction is licensed, bonded and insured.

We follow all laws and procedures required to provide you with quality service. Once in contract with us, we begin the project planning, scheduling, and execution.

Job Conclusion

Synchronous Construction conducts a final walk through for every job with the job foreman and the client to ensure everything is completed before collecting the final payment. We ask  all our clients to leave us a review!


About Us 

Company Values

  • Consistency in what we say and what we do, every single time.

  • Quality execution of workmanship .

  • Punctuality is our genuine effort to show up and deliver on time given all reasonable circumstances and expectations.

  • Confience in our ability to accept and deliver custom project results.

  • Transparency in our abilities, expectations, proffessional opinions and billing.

  • Mutual Respect for our clients, employees, and vendors.


Providing residential and commercial clients with quality construction and proffessional services.


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